T1 Writing

We are learning to...
·      write a personal recount about something we have done or experienced
·      have an opening statement that tells who, what and where
·      write the events in the order they happened

·      have a conclusion or personal response

Keeping Ourselves Safe

Last week on Thursday, Constable Ross came to our class. We played a game where he tried to trick Christopher, Sabrina and Aidan. Constable Ross taught us about body parts and what we don't like being touched and parts we do want to be touched. When he finished our session, he went to Room 4. He showed is videos about good secrets and bad secrets. We had to put out thumbs up if we thought it was a good secret and our thumbs down if it was bad.
The school had a full school assembly with Constable Ross in it. When he was trying to trick Sabrina, Aidan and Christopher, Sabrina didn't get tricked. Christopher nearly got tricked. Aidan needed help from Harrison S. I felt quite safe because we were talking about safety.

Teacher comment:
You have all the parts of a recount but some are a little out of order.
Next step.
You could plan your work in a mind map and number the order of the things to write about.

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